Black Clover is a fantasy Weekly Shonen Jump manga that received an anime adaptation in 2017.

The story follows Asta and Yuno, orphans abandoned at the church on the same day who share the dream of becoming the Wizard King. While Yuno is a prodigy with immense natural magical power, Asta doesn't have any till the day he receives the rare Anti-Magic grimoire.

Anime Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Asta trains shirtless.

Episode 7 Edit

Magna invites Asta to the bath while giving him a tour of their base.

Episode 8 Edit

Magna loses his clothes in a poker game.

Episode 17 Edit

Asta's shirt is partially torn off.

Episode 18 Edit

Asta's shirt is still torn.

Episode 19 Edit

The battle concludes.

Episode 29 Edit

Asta trains while shirtless again.

Episode 40 Edit

The Black Bulls have fun at the beach.

Episode 41 Edit

The Black Bulls are still wreaking havoc at the beach.

Episode 53 Edit

Sylph imagines about Asta and Yuno's life at the orphanage.

Episode 55 Edit

Asta trains while shirtless.

Episode 56 Edit

Asta is seen shirtless briefly.

Episode 61 Edit

Asta and Mars' shirts are burnt off.

Episode 62 Edit

Asta and friends are attacked by Ladros shortly after saving Fana.

Episode 63 Edit

Asta continues to fight Ladros, this time with the help of the Witch Queen.

Black Clover: Fantasy of Knights Edit

Artwork Edit