Darling in the Franxx is an original sci-fi anime series that aired in 2018.

The story follows youngsters who are raised and trained to defend humanity from giant monsters by piloting large battle robots called Franxx in boy-girl pairs.

Anime Edit

Episode 2 Edit

The boys are seen in the locker room briefly.

Episode 3 Edit

Hiro stands in his underwear briefly.

Episode 4 Edit

Hiro takes a bath.

Episode 5 Edit

Goro puts his shirt on, after which he discovers a blue tumor-like growth growing on Hiro's chest.

Episode 7 Edit

Squad 13 is rewarded a vacation to a nearby beach.

Episode 8 Edit

Zero Two tricks the boys into seeing the girls while everyone is naked, after which she steals everyone's clothes as well, causing Hiro to chase after her.

Episode 17 Edit

Mitsuru has a talk with Hiro, after which he consummates his relationship with Kokoro.

Episode 18 Edit

Mitsuru wakes up.

Episode 24 Edit

Hiro is naked briefly.

Artwork Edit