Dog Days is a fantasy anime series that aired in 2011, with sequel seasons airing in 2012 and 2015.

The story follows Cinque, a 13 year old half-Japanese, half-Cornish boy who is summoned to Flonyard, a world where the people look like humans but with animal ears and tails.

Dog Days Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Cinque takes a bath.

Episode 6 Edit

Cinque is given a bath.

Episode 12 Edit

Cinque enters the bath.

Episode 13 Edit

Cinque does a headstand.

Dog Days'Edit

Episode 3 Edit

Cinque strips to his underwear after falling underwater.

Episode 4 Edit

Cinque takes part in a training camp while wearing a swimsuit.

Episode 10 Edit

Gaul appears in the eyecatch wearing briefs.

Episode 11 Edit

The Union Festival turns into a beach fight.

Episode 13 Edit

Cinque takes a bath with Couvert.

Dog Days'' Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Cinque dries his clothes.

Episode 3 Edit

Gaul's clothes are disintegrated along with many others.

Episode 5 Edit

Cinque is at a hot spring.

Episode 6 Edit

Leaf's clothes tear apart, leaving him in his underwear.

Episode 7 Edit

Leaf's clothes disintegrate after his loss.

Episode 9 Edit

Gaul dresses up after drying his wet clothes.

Artwork Edit