Elegant Yokai Apartment Life is a light novel series that received an anime adaptation in 2017.

The story revolves around Yushi Inaba, whose parents died in his first year of middle school, and his relatives took him in. Though they did care for him, he could tell he was a burden. After he graduated, he happily prepared to move to a dormitory, but it got caught on fire and the cheapest he could found for a house is a youkai apartment. Yushi's high school life just got much stranger than he ever bargained for!

Anime Edit

OP 2 Edit

Yushi is in his training shorts.

Episode 1 Edit

Yushi takes a bath.

Episode 6 Edit

Yushi takes a bath.

Episode 7 Edit

Yushi undergoes training, later taking a bath.

Episode 8 Edit

Hase comes to visit Yushi.

Episode 9 Edit

Yushi finishes his training for the day, and takes a bath later with Hase and others.

Episode 13 Edit

Yushi undergoes more difficult training in order to handle higher level magic.

Episode 14 Edit

Yushi trains.

Episode 16 Edit

Yushi trains under a waterfall.

Episode 23 Edit

Yushi walks past a shirtless guy in the hallway.

Episode 26 Edit

All of the guys are in the bath.