Gundam Build Fighters is a 2013 anime series that focuses on the Gunpla aspect of the Gundam franchise, with a sequel season airing in 2014 with a new cast, along with a spiritual successor named Gundam Build Divers airing in 2018.

Thanks to the success of the second Gunpla Boom, special tournaments called Gunpla Battles are established throughout the world to see which customized Gunpla and its builder are the best. The story follows Sei Iori, a young student who has a dream of becoming the best Gunpla Fighter and a strange boy he meets one day named Reiji.

Gundam Build Fighters Edit

Episode 7 Edit

Sei and Reiji take a vacation at a beachfront inn.

Gundam Build Fighters TryEdit

Episode 4 Edit

Team Angelfish is introduced.

Episode 5 Edit

Sekai trains in the school pool.

Episode 7 Edit

Team Angelfish forfeits the match by self-destructing.

Episode 10 Edit

The Try Fighters are at the beach, watching Sekai's sister Mirai take part in a Gunpla battle.