Haikyu!! is an ongoing volleyball manga which launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012.

Junior high school student Shoyo Hinata gains a sudden love of volleyball after seeing a national championship match on TV. However, he's defeated in his first tournament game by the "King of the Court" Tobio Kageyama, in the first round. Though Hinata's team suffers a miserable defeat, he vows to eventually surpass Kageyama and defeat him. Fast-forward to high school, Hinata enters Karasuno Highschool with the hopes of joining their volleyball club. Unfortunately for him, the very person he swore to surpass appears before him as one of his new teammates.

Anime (Season 1) Edit

Episode 4 Edit

Tanaka strips his shirt off.

Episode 5 Edit

Tanaka takes his shirt off.

Episode 14 Edit

Tanaka is seen in his underwear.

Episode 25 Edit

Kageyama's shirt is pulled down by gravity.

Anime (Season 2) Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Hinata's shirt flies up.

Episode 3 Edit

Hinata and Sugawara are seen changing into their uniforms, while Tanaka just walks around shirtless.

Episode 5 Edit

Kageyama's shirt flies up.

Episode 6 Edit

Kageyama and Hinata's shirts fly up.

Episode 14 Edit

ED Edit

Tanaka and Kinoshita are shirtless in the locker room.

Anime (Season 3) Edit

Episode 10 Edit

Kageyama is seen changing his shirt. Hinata's shirt flies up after a jump.

OVA Edit

Haiba is seen changing his shirt.

Manga Edit

Artwork Edit

Haikyu Quest Edit

Aone is shirtless.

Haikyu Fighter Edit

Haiba is shirtless.

Swimsuits Edit