Heroic Age is an original sci-fi anime series that aired in 2007.

During a war between spacefaring tribes, the spaceship Argonaut sets out to find a way to bring peace to the universe, finding it in a boy named Age who transforms into a powerful giant to save humanity.

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Age is seen briefly.

Episode 1 Edit

Age is found on the ruined planet Oron.

Episode 2 Edit

Age is invited to go on the Argonaut after his ship is destroyed.

Episode 3 Edit

Age gets a haircut.

Episode 4 Edit

Iolaous and Age travel to the planet Titarros' surface.

Episode 5 Edit

Age summons Bellcross to destroy the Bronze Tribe nests.

Episode 6 Edit

The Argonaut is forbidden from entering other planets' territories after the incident at Titarros.

Episode 8 Edit

Age appears briefly in his human form before transforming into Bellcross.

Episode 10 Edit

Age spends some time alone with Dhianeila.

Episode 11 Edit

Age transforms into Bellcross.

Episode 15 Edit

Age finally returns to his human form.

Episode 16 Edit

Age wakes up after his well deserved rest.

Episode 17 Edit

Age and Mehitak get to know each other.

Episode 18 Edit

Age reverts back to human form after realising that only noncombatants are left from the Bronze Tribe.

Episode 19 Edit

Age takes part in a meeting.

Episode 20 Edit

Age battles Yuty.

Episode 23 Edit

Age talks to the other Nodos in the void.

Episode 24 Edit

Age escapes from the void.

Episode 26 Edit

Age returns.

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