Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is a light novel series that received an anime adaptation in 2015.

Taking place in the country of Orario, the story follows the exploits of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old adventurer under the goddess Hestia. As the only member of the Hestia Familia, he works hard every day in the Dungeon to make ends meet while seeking to improve himself.

Anime Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Hestia takes a look at Bell's status.

Episode 2 Edit

Hestia checks Bell's status again.

Episode 3 Edit

Bell lifts up his shirt.

Episode 4 Edit

Eina takes a look at Bell's status.

Episode 5 Edit

Hestia discovers that Bell has developed magic.

Episode 7 Edit

Bell's shirt flies up in the endcard.

Episode 8 Edit

Bell defeats a Minotaur.

Episode 9 Edit

Bell has now become the fastest adventurer to reach Level 2.

Episode 13 Edit

Bell is injured.

Episode 14 (OVA) Edit

Bell and friends uncover a hidden hot spring.

Artwork Edit

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