Rainy Cocoa is a digitial manga series that received an anime adaptation that aired for four seasons from 2015 to 2017.

While the first two seasons feature the staff at the titular cafe in Japan, the latter two seasons focus on a new cafe in Hawaii.

Rainy Cocoa in Hawaii Edit

OP Edit

The Koga twins' shirts fly up.

Episode 1 Edit

Nozomu relaxes on the beach.

Episode 4 Edit

Nozomu strips off due to the heat.

Episode 5 Edit

Nozomu daydreams.

Episode 6 Edit

Haruka and the twins are at the beach.

Episode 8 Edit

The twins' Halloween costumes expose their navels.

Ame-Con!! Edit

OP Edit

Nozomu's shirt flies up.

Episode 6 Edit

Nozumu sells ice coffee on the beach.

Artwork Edit