Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend is a light novel series that received an anime adaptation in 2015, with a second season airing in 2017.

One day, an otaku high school student named Tomoya Aki has a fateful encounter with a girl. This meeting inspires Tomoya to design his very own “gal-game” featuring a heroine modeled after the girl he saw. In order to make his desire a reality, Tomoya must persuade a few eccentric “creators” to join his team, while also learning that his muse is none other than his boring classmate.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 0 Edit

Tomoya and the girls are at a hot spring.

Episode 6 Edit

Tomoya and Utaha spend the night together at in her hotel room after he gets caught in a rainstorm.

Episode 10 Edit

Tomoya runs out of the bath after hearing Michiru's music, finding it to be a perfect match for his game.

Episode 12 Edit

Tomoya's shirt flies up after Michiru pushes him down and sits on him.

Season 2 Edit

Episode 0 Edit

Tomoya is in a swimsuit.

Episode 3 Edit

Tomoya's shirt flies up.