Trickster is an anime series inspired by the novels written by Ranpo Edogawa, airing from 2016 to 2017.

The story is set in 203X. following a group of mysterious detectives, the Shonen Tanteidan that work at the command of Akechi Kogoro. One day, one of their members named Kensuke Hanasaki meets an odd boy named Yoshio Kobayashi, who seeks to die but is unable to do so.

Anime Edit

OP1 Edit

Both Kobayashi and Hanasaki appear naked briefly.

Episode 7 Edit

Hanasaki has fun with Kobayashi, who later strips naked to dry off.

Episode 8 Edit

Hanasaki is seen getting a checkup in a flashback.

ED1 Edit

Kobayashi's shirt flies up.

Artwork Edit