Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is a light novel series that received an anime adaptation in 2016.

Five years ago, a revolt has overthrown the Arcadia empire. The empire's former prince, Lux Arcadia, accidentally witnesses the new kingdom's princess Lisesharte Atismata naked as well as her secret. After a duel with her, Lux attends the female-only academy where they train students to become royal Drag-Knights.

Anime Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Lux is injured while protecting Lishe.

Episode 3 Edit

Lux has his measurements taken.

Episode 4 Edit

Phil joins Lux in the bath.

Episode 5 Edit

Lux activates Recoil Burst and defeats Kreutzer.

Episode 7 Edit

Lux enjoys some free time on the beach with the girls.

Episode 9 Edit

Lux defeats the Ragnarok.

Episode 10 Edit

Yoruka joins Lux while he is bathing.

Episode 12 Edit

Lux appears naked as he delivers the final blow.